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Things to do

I Llove Dão - Casas da Fraga offers you a relaxing paradise where you will forget the stress, charge your batteries and empty your mind. You will find lots of things to do, see, feel and discover in the Dão region.


Come to our houses and find the best the region has to offer…


Horse Riding

(Need previously reservation. Reservation directly with I Love Dão-Casas da Fraga.)


Have you ever ridden a horse? Maybe you haven’t done it for some time? Or you ride every day and you don't want to stop during your vacations?


In a few meters from Casas da Fraga, you can find “Picadeiro da Quinta do Pombal”, where you will be able to ride or to try hippotherapy and therapeutic riding lessons.


They have classes for all levels: initiation, intermediate and advanced. All classes are taught by experienced instructors.


Try it, it will be nice experience!


Horse cart ride

(Need previously reservation. Reservation directly with I Love Dão-Casas da Fraga.)


For the couples in love or for a different moment with your family, or only to know the little village of Beijós in other perspective, come and enjoy a horse cart ride.


With approximately 1 hour, these rides aren't just a horse cart ride as you can find in the most popular tourist destinations.


You will live in 100% this experience. Go to the farm, and before the ride, help the instructor to prepare the horse and after enjoy all the beauty of this typical village with its stone houses and your rural roads. Then help the instructor cleaning the horse. In the end of the journey it will be relaxing for the horse.


We are sure that you will never forget these moments…

Walking and Cycling Ride


You will find in our region many reasons for a walk or a cycling ride.


The historical and cultural patrimony, as well as the bucolic sights, will make you feel in love with this region.


Discover archaeological sites (below more information) and landscapes crossed by rivers, streams, cascades and mountains in the rural roads or in “Ecopista do Dão”, walking or cycling.


Your 5 senses will be grateful...

Boat Rides

(It needs previous reservation and minimum number of participants. Reservation directly with I Love Dão-Casas da Fraga)


Explore the margins of some Portuguese unknown rivers. Get to know Rio Dão, Rio Mondego and Rio Criz landscape, and all the surrounding beauty.


Escape from the routine and let the peaceful waters take you to a state of peace and tranquillity.


There are different routes available and with different durations. Choose what you prefer and then let the nature do the rest.


Immerse yourself in this river of emotions and sensations...

Adventures Sports

(It needs previous reservation and minimum number of participants. Reservation directly with I Love Dão-Casas da Fraga)


If you have an adventure spirit, we have for you many options too.


You can have the peace of our houses or you can shake your days with a little of adrenaline.


We can arrange for you a paintball combat, canoeing or stand up paddle, climbing and rappel activities, canyoning, downstream in Kayaks, rafting and slide.


Discharge here all your stress and accumulated energy...

Wine Tasting

(Need previous reservation. Reservation directly with I Love Dão-Casas da Fraga.)


The origins of the Dão Wine aren’t recent, once this was the first Demarcated Region of non-liqueurs wines of our country and the second one when we compare with all kinds of wines.


This is a region with a great wine tradition. The location, between 4 mountains (Serra da Estrela, Caramulo, Montemuro and Buçaco), protects the vines from the winds and the cold and rainy climate in the winter and form the warm and dry weather in the summer, having an important contribution for the excellent quality of these wines.


I Love Dão-Casas da Fraga has the privilege of being located in one region where everybody can find wine producers with an international reputation and with many awards, being these producers our partners.


Our Guests can make visits and wine tastes on well-known wine farms like Quinta de Cabriz, Quinta das Marias, Quinta do Cerrado and Quinta do Ribeiro Santo. 


Come to taste everything that wines give (Dão)…

Regional Products tasting


On our property or nearby you can taste many regional products, like cheese and smoked sausages, homemade jams produced by “Time to Be Sweet”, crooked cake exclusive of our region and the Cherry liqueur by “Ginja Victor”. 


For Serra da Estrela Cheese lovers, very close from us you can visit “Quinta da Lagoa”, an artisanal and certificate producer of Serra da Estrela Cheese, and taste all their products.


You can visit the restaurants of the region, where you will find the most sophisticated and regional gastronomy. All of them will provide you an exceptional gastronomic experience. Kindly inform us of your preference and we will indicate you the right place.

Thermal-Spa therapy and well-being


In Dão region, we have the mountain, the river, the nature, the gastronomy and the richness of the water.


A few kilometres from I Love Dão-Casas da Fraga, there are 2 Thermal Spas, very reputable - Sangemil Thermal Spa (located in 3km) and Caldas da Felgueira Thermal Spa (located in 12Km).


Both thermal centres have the classic treatments for health available or well-being spa.


Take care of you, in body and mind...

What to visit nearby

Casa do Passal Aristides de Sousa Mendes


Only at 5 km distance we can find the emblematic Casa do Passal. 


Casa do Passal was once the home of Aristides de Sousa Mendes, Portuguese consul stationed in Bordeaux, France. This hero rescued thousands from the horrors of Nazi persecution by granting visas to neutral Portugal in defiance of his government’s orders. 


It is an imposing mansion in the town of Cabanas de Viriato, built in the 19th century. It was the property of the Sousa Mendes family until it was forfeited to the bank in the 1950s. The house has remained unoccupied ever since, and has deteriorated to the point where it would require both structural repairs and extensive interior renovation.


The home was reacquired by the family in 2001, and it is now finally being repaired to be transformed it into a memorial museum to perpetuate the memory of Aristides de Sousa Mendes and the Holocaust. Interfaith supporters of this cause throughout the world are eager to see the realization of this longstanding dream fulfilled.


Come and discover more about Casa do Passal and Aristides de Sousa Mendes...

Archaeological Circuits in the Region

(The guide visits require reservation. Reservation directly with I Love Dão-Casas da Fraga)


In the municipality of Carregal do Sal, you will discover magical places with an important historical heritage.


All the Archaeological Circuits can be made as a particular or with a private guide (only for groups of 3 people or more).


Come to explore the Patrimonial route of “Chãs”, here in Beijós, the Patrimonial route of “Cimalhinhas” in Cabanas de Viriato, the Archaeological Circuit of “Cova da Moira” and the “Pré-historic circuit “Fiais-Azenha” in Carregal do Sal.


Also, you can visit other important historical sites like the complex of “Cabriz” and “Lagar de Varas de Parada” or make the route of the “Manor Houses and Water Fountains”.


There are lots of reasons to fill your days with the story and culture of the past.


Main Church of Oliveira do Conde and the tomb of Fernão Gomes de Gois


The main church of Oliveira do Conde is a Gothic-Manueline style monument of the twelfth century, which suffered a large modification during the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries and in its last restoration in the year of 1952.


Even after all the changes, it remains a true “museum church” and one of the most beautiful jewels of the artistic and cultural patrimony of the municipality.


Inside you’ll find the tomb of Fernão Gomes de Góis, classified as Nacional Monument in the year of 1910.


Don’t miss this monument!

Village of Beijós


I Love Dão-Casas da Fraga is located in the small village of Beijós, with an area of 12,35km2 and a total of 975 inhabitants.


In spite of being a small village, it should be explored by everyone, because of its remote origins, as many archaeological findings can prove.


In Beijós, you can see houses with coat of arms, cross the roman bridge, walk around the streets and see the granitic houses, go up to Miradouro do Outeiro do Castelo and catch sight the old fortress traces, visit the simple but wonderful church and explore the Patrimonial route of Chãs and much more.


Come live closely with the village people…

Municipal Museum Manuel Soares de Albergaria


The Municipal Museum of Carregal do Sal is installed in the old blazoned building traditionally known by “Casa das Correntes” ordered to be built by Manuel Soares de Albergaria in the middle of the 20th century.


With an extensive educational, cultural and artistic offer, this museum has at your disposal ethnographic, painting, archaeology, sculpture and armoury collections, from several sites, spread over 2 floors and 5 rooms.


This museum tries every day to contribute for the cultural and touristic stimulation of the region of Carregal do Sal.


Know all details about the origin and culture of the region.

River Beach of Sangemil and Ferreirós do Dão


The river beach of Sangemil (just 3km away) and the river beach of Ferreirós do Dão (just 10km away) are both in the Dão river margins and full of beauty.


In Sangemil we can find springs of sulphurous waters, used by the referred health spa. Lost in the middle of the forest, the river water blends into the green landscape. Here you will find a good extension of sand, trees and bushes providing shade. There are volleyball and football equipment, playground, bathhouses and toilets.


Of unique beauty, it is easy to fall in love with the river beach of Ferreirós do Dão. In a wilder state, it has a small extension of sand and a natural pool, as well as an extensive area with grass and some picnic tables.  Recently all area has been improved and now has toilets, bath houses and a barbecue area.


Comes dive in the middle of nature.

City of Viseu


Just 20 km away from our houses, you can find the famous city of Viseu, with many legends to discover about its origins.


A city plenty of amazing places like the “Cava” of Viriato, nacional monument from 1910, together with “Sé de Viseu” (Cathedral). Also the Grão Vasco Museum, located in the old “Palácio dos Bispos” and the Roman wall/Old doors of Viseu, both classified as Nacional Monuments.


The “Igreja da Misericórdia” (Church of Mercy), the “Igreja dos Terceiros” (Church of Third parties), the “Solar dos Vinhos do Dão, (Solar of Dão Wines), the area of Rossio, the Fontelo Park and the city centre, are other places inside the city that you should not miss.


Delight yourself with local food, tasting many characteristic dishes as the “arroz de carqueja”, “migas à lagareiro”, “Rancho à Moda de Viseu”, “Vitela à Lafões”, “Cabrito assado” and the “arroz de lampreia”, served with a delicious Dão wine.

Ecopista do Dão - Bicycle path


The Ecopista do Dão was born under the reconstruction of the old, but beautiful, Dão railway line, starting in Santa Comba Dão until Viseu (it was deactivated in 1988).


It has about 49km, connecting the municipalities of Santa Comba Dão, Tondela and Viseu (all of them bordering with the municipality of Carregal do Sal).The purpose of this Ecopista is to develop the sport, recreational and cultural activities, and protection/promotion of the environment.


A ride in Ecopista do Dão, by bicycle or walking, will provide to all visitors extraordinary natural and historical landscapes. In all its length, you will find many reasons to be fascinated.


If you want to know more about this bicycle path, that you can find very close to our houses, please click here.

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